Warning: this product contains nicotine. Nicotine is an addictive Chemical.

Posted on by Kimberly Saldana

When you think of SAVEURVAPE, does SVRF come to mind? It should! Because our SVRF e-liquid has the most desirable line up of exotic fruits. Flavors like coconut and cream & chilled berries and lychee are only a few clicks away..

Get to know SVRF a little more with these FAQs.

FAQ 1: How many flavors are in the SVRF line?

  • 5 in 2 versions (Regular & Iced/Menthol), that means TEN mouth watering flavors

FAQ 2: What are the flavor profiles?

BALANCED: Coconut & Cream

SATISFYING: Raspberry & Dragon Fruit Iced Tea

REFRESHING: Papaya, Mango, and Cantaloupe

STIMULATING: Chilled Berries & Lychee

REVIVE: Blueberry & Lime

BALANCED ICED: Menthol Coconut & Cream

SATISFYING ICED: Menthol Raspberry & Dragon Fruit Iced Tea

REFRESHING ICED: Menthol Papaya, Mango, and Cantaloupe

STIMULATING ICED: Menthol Chilled Berries & Lychee

REVIVE ICED: Menthol Blueberry & Lime

FAQ 3: What give’s SVRF Iced the “ice”?

  • “Iced” = menthol. 

FAQ 4: The sweetness level between 1-10.

  • A perfect 8

FAQ 5: Is there a salt nicotine option?

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