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Posted on by Kimberly Saldana

It’s been six months since we’ve checked in on #TeamSV and we’ve been curious on how this #pandemiclife is going for them.

Say hello to Lauren (again 😉)!

SV: What do you love the most about working from home?

LAUREN: Being that I was a California-Commuter, my favorite thing about working from how is the 15 hours a week I got back for myself. Aside from that, I would say that the interactions we have as a team are more intentional now that we have to be conscious of it rather than taking it for granted by being around each other all the time! 

SV: When you're having a bad day, what do you do to make yourself feel better?

LAUREN: My go-to solution is to put in my headphones, turn on some of my favorite music, grab my dog and walk down to the beach or adventure a new part of the city on foot. It immediately shifts my mental space and I become super grateful for the moment! 

SV: You're happiest when?

LAUREN: I'm dancing salsa (terribly) at a Latin club with my best friend Rachael.

SV: Lastly, what's the first thing you do when you clock out?

LAUREN: Take my dog to the beach to watch the sunset!

#goals! Tune in next month for another catch up with the team!

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