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Posted on by Lonnie Bozeman


Don’t know how to feel about all this commotion? Following all the recommendations and still feeling worried, stressed? Here at SAVEURVAPE, we are trying to keep our community strong and resilient.  Below is a helpful list of some practices the team has added to our daily routine to help us cope during this tough time.

Move your body

It’s important to get your blood pumping and get fresh air each day.  If you’ve lost access to your favorite facilities there are tons of resources available to get moving at home (We love the Tone It Up app, SWEAT app and Instagram. A lot of studios are sharing free classes on their accounts).  Our team has been getting outside, even when we are working from home. Whether it's running the stairs at a local park or simply walking around your neighborhood, you can still adhere to social distancing while creating new healthy routines.

Eat Well

Now more than ever, is the perfect time to properly fuel your body. You are not alone in craving sugary and quick comfort foods during times of anxiety, but these choices can lead to increased stress and amplified swings in mood.  Opt for quick protein filled snacks like nuts, meals filled with lean protein, and supplement with servings of greens and fresh fruit to give your immune system a natural boost of vitamins.

Stimulate your mind

Who else has that nagging list of “I’ll do it when I have time”? Hate to break it to ya, but now you have it! If you’re able to #WFH (work from home), great -- work and work hard. Once you’re off the clock, you can finally pick up the book that’s been collecting dust, upgrade your recipe arsenal and finally try that Gordon Ramsey recipe you flagged, take a Masterclass online, or study a new language (Check out the Duolingo app).  Maybe you’ve always felt like a creative type, or maybe music soothes your soul; whatever that thing is that gets your mind stimulated: indulge it. 

Remember to Take It Easy

Now more than ever, people are changing up their lifestyles to maintain a safe environment for themselves and family. Amidst all this uncertainty, one of the most important things to remember to do is to BREATHE.  When relaxing feels a little harder than normal we add a few drops of our favorite CBD to our routine: SVRF CBD

Sit down, clear your mind, and listen to yourself. Use this time to embrace the positivity within yourself and share that peace of mind with your friends and family. 

Cue, The Breakfast Club ending credits, “We’re all in this together!”.