Warning: this product contains nicotine. Nicotine is an addictive Chemical.

Posted on by Kimberly Saldana

If we compared #SVHQ to a classroom Sam would be that guy in the back cracking dad jokes left and right and getting everyone to smile. Some of them are so silly that it feels wrong to laugh...but we need all the laughs we can get, right about now!

Example: So a Bear and a Rabbit were taking a Shit in the woods.  The bear turns to the rabbit and asks "Excuse me, sir.  Do you have a problem with Shit sticking to your fur?"  The rabbit replies "No,"  So the bear wipes his ass with the rabbit!!! 

So if you’re in need of a great laugh, give our Account Manager, Sam a call. Your day will be 10x better afterwards.

Sam's Contact Info:

Office (720) 248-0803

Cell (951) 756-5660

Now, for the Q&A:

SV: Describe your first day at SAVEURVAPE.

SHAH: It was wild, I saw things that gave a new meaning to SVRF!

SV: At the moment, what’s your favorite SV product?


SV: What are you looking forward to this summer?

SHAH: Spending more time indoors and isolated.

SV: If you could go anywhere in the world right now, where would you go? Why?

SHAH: I would go to India and spend time with my daughter!

SV: Lastly, what’s your all-time favorite quote, lyric, phrase, or movie line?

SHAH: From Broken Arrow, "F*#k them if they can't take a Joke!!

In honor of our resident jokester and his favorite flavor, REVIVE, we are extending the SVRF SUMMER SALE a little longer.  Now through Sunday, 35% OFF ALL SVRF FLAVORS.

Thanks for reading!