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Posted on by Kimberly Saldana

Kari Brown is SV’s go-to rockstar for everything related to customer service & sales support. When we’re in the office, you can hear our sales team call out for help multiple times throughout the day and Kari’s always there to help.

And even though we’re all working from home, we are all working together. 

Here is a little Q&A with the first mate of the sales floor:

Q1: SV e-liquid flavor that gets you through the day.

A1: I’m an oddball, so I love to mix The Standard White (pineapple gummy) and Golden Ticket (chocolate milk) for a chocolate covered gummy bear. Don’t knock it until you try it!

Q2: One thing you’ve learned while social distancing.

A2: My online shopping has gotten out of control, everything is so easy to buy, especially when someone is running a sale! But honestly, it’s made me appreciate my normal life and not to take anything for granted.

Q3: Favorite late night munchie.

A3: A bowl of Captain Crunch Mixed Berries cereal

Q4: Something you miss about working at SV HQ.

A4: I miss my coworkers, we spent so much time together it’s like missing your family.

Q5: What gets you through the day while #WFH?

A5: My new coworker Harlem (my pitbull). She is always falling asleep on the job but she also keeps me entertained. If you’re a dog lover like me you can follow Harlem on Instagram @harlemthepitbull :)

Direct Number: 323-648-3381

Email: kari@saveurvape.com

Social: @karibrownie

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