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Posted on by Kimberly Saldana

Another Friyay is in session and who’s better to celebrate it with than #TEAMSV Account Manager, Jay Clark (aka SURFER JAY). Read more about our favorite SVRFer, below.

Q1: Which one of SV’s e-liquid flavor gets you through the day.

A1: Balanced w/ a hint of FairGrounds. Or FairGrounds w/ a hint of Balanced.  But sometimes Balanced on its own.  On occasion, Fairgrounds itself solely.

Q2: Name one thing you’ve learned while social distancing.

A2: All the things that I wanted to do around the house.....I really don't want to!

Q3: Favorite late night munchie.

A3: Chili with a fork back scratcher and super chocolate milk

Q4: Something you miss about working at SV HQ.

A4: Pranking co-workers and complaining about the music choices. Talk of Tom’s unfortunate nipple displacement, Sandip’s....everything, Kim’s incessant babbling on, Chandra’s witty banter, Ariel’s rules, Cam’s...Cam,  complaining about the Turtle, Lauren’s uncomfortable back of the head microwave glare, Andy buying me Iced coffee every morning and I don't drink Iced Coffee, Blake’s cleanliness, Alejandro’s abrasive and unhappy nature, and the fact that Stan is the oldest man in the office!

Q5: What gets you through the day while WFH?

A5: ....................inertia.

Direct Number: 310-703-9182

Email: jclark@saveurvape.com

Social: https://www.facebook.com/jason.clark.39750 

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