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Posted on by Kimberly Saldana

This Father’s Day we’re saying hello to our SAVEURVAPE dads; Jay, Stan, Lonnie, Alejandro, Shah, and Kyle.

We asked them what their special trick is to getting their kids to bed. This is what they had to say:

Jay : Chloroform

Stan: LOL, it's been a long time since I had to put my kids to bed. Now, I call or text them to let them know it's past their bedtime.

Lonnie: This is a loaded question. With so many children, I have a strategy for each of them. My go-to is the "10 minutes of TV time”. If that fails, I default to Ice Cream for breakfast. If that fails, I go with "You can stay up if you clean the dog poop in the backyard".

Alejandro: I still haven't figured this one out, lol. Every night is a new adventure!

Shah: No trick, Just good and proper conversation before and encouragement of a better tomorrow!

Kyle: Letting them run around the house ‘till they want to pass out on the floor.

Let’s just say that the above information stays here, with the #SVFAM. 🤫

Last, but certainly not the least, they shared what their favorite thing was about being Fathers.

Jay : Watching them go from Monsters to young, wonderful humans.

Stan: There isn't just one thing. However, watching them grow into young, loving, successful adults certainly has been the highlight.

Lonnie: My favorite part of being a father is seeing the moral lessons I teach being used in my children's daily lives.

Alejandro: Seeing their transformation & making them smile.

Shah: Knowing that when my kids go to sleep, they have nothing to worry about. They can go to sleep with a full stomach and be happy!

Kyle: Coming home after work and seeing the excitement on their faces.


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Thanks Dad!