Warning: this product contains nicotine. Nicotine is an addictive Chemical.

Posted on by Kimberly Saldana

If you had to step into SV HQ, you’d hear one voice loud and clear. Meet Tom Farrell, one of Saveurvape’s Account Managers. He’s been with the team a little over two years & is always sharing his latest health / wellness finds. Looking for an exotic fruit or unique teas? Or maybe, your next ADV? Tom will more than likely, explain to you why you HAVE TO jump on the bandwagon.

SV: Now that we’ve been working from home for more than two months, what’s something that’s been helping you stay productive?

TOM: To be completely honest; my physical productivity is very very low but my work productivity has increased. I love going to the gym and now that I have to work out at home, I haven't adapted well. I am more work focused lately, which is great but I don't have a great balance yet. I'm investing in gym equipment so hopefully that will help get me back on a balanced routine. Even though it's not physical productivity; I have ordered a ton of new books off Amazon (Ishmael - Daniel Quinn)  and have been reconnecting with old friends and business partners so I'm not just sitting around wasting away lol.  

SV: Any new hobbies you’ve picked up whilst in quarantine?

TOM: New Hobbies.. How to wear a face mask while drinking coffee. I'm not the guy that is going to come out of this quarantine playing 'All Of Me' on the Guitar. I am not coming out of this with any new skills so don't @ me bro…

SV: What are you most excited to do once things open back up?

TOM: I would say go out to eat at a nice restaurant. Specifically 'Rolling Boil' in Anaheim at 'The Packing District'. Very good Hot Pot spot.

SV: What do you miss about being at SV HQ during the week?

TOM: I mean there's a culture at the office that is non-replicable. I've never experienced a work environment like the one at SV HQ ; it's high energy and really encourages everyone to be themselves which more times than not is - good weird, funny and laid back. I think we did a great job not losing that essence and transferring that to our home offices n connecting on FT Calls or Zoom meetings. The only element we are missing is hearing others on the phone and learning from hearing them. I enjoy ease-dropping but so would you if you worked here; some very interesting conversations happen at SV HQ. Never a normal day at the office... That's what i love about SV.

SV: Lastly, what’s your favorite SV product you’ve tried & loved?

TOM: I recently quit vaping and nicotine cold turkey thanks to my girlfriend Hannah but. Before I quit I was vaping on Pacific Sangha 24mg for 9 months straight. I'm not a milk fan or a dessert fan but that flavor... It's addicting even without the nicotine; put it that way. Another product I enjoy and actually have been taking for months is SVRF CBD Tinctures 1500mg unflavored. I have a lot of aches and pains from College Football and cage fighting and our CBD has helped tremendously along with helping me stay on my sleep schedule during these weird times. To be honest, I have had anxiety issues lately so I doubled my dose during those times and it's a miracle drug. Dulls down the anxiety a ton... I'm excited to see what other products SV releases for me to try, buy and sell! 

If you’re in need of new e-liquid flavors, have questions about CBD, Tom can recommend the best.

You can reach him at:

Text or Call: (732) 734-7840

Social: t.farrell_777

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