Warning: this product contains nicotine. Nicotine is an addictive Chemical.

Posted on by Kimberly Saldana

Our newest SV member, is this guy right here.

Say hello to Stan Roos! While working from home, this Account Manager has been thriving. He knows how to build communication with new shops and guide them through their Saveurvape experience. Through wise communication and personalization for his customers he’s quickly become a crowd favorite, with his accounts and with the entire #SVTEAM, we salute you, Stan (also cause he is the tallest person in our company).

SV: Now that we’ve been working from home for more than two months, what’s something that’s been helping you stay productive?

STAN: Not wanting to let my team down helps a great deal.

SV: Any new hobbies you’ve picked up whilst in quarantine?

STAN: Tom got me started counting crows.

SV: What are you most excited to do once things open back up?

STAN: I have a passion for coaching soccer and surfing, can't wait to get back on the pitch and in the water.

SV: What do you miss about being at SV HQ during the week?

STAN: I feel fortunate to work with fun people. So I miss the laughs and the next prank.

SV: Lastly, what’s your favorite SV product you’ve tried & loved?

STAN: Lately I've been mixing Golden Ticket with Pacific Sangha. YUM *from the Met4 Line*

If you’ve been looking to carry our products in your shop, don’t hesitate to contact him directly. He’s “THE MAN’!

Stan Roos

Email: stan@saveuravpe.com

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