Warning: this product contains nicotine. Nicotine is an addictive Chemical.

Posted on by Robert Juster

TORRANCE, Calif.--Apr 9, 2019--SAVEURVAPE – a leader in e-liquid manufacturing and distribution – announced today that it has acquired and added the Jazzy Boba brand to its industry-leading portfolio, which includes SVRF Vapor, MET4 Vapor, The Standard Vape, and The Originals.

Founded in 2014, Jazzy Boba took the vape industry by storm with its jasmine-infused boba tea flavor, quickly rising to become a top-selling brand in both domestic and international markets. It followed up the original Jazzy flavor with Dewwy Boba (honeydew melon boba tea) and Manggo Boba (mango boba tea) in 2015.

“This acquisition makes great sense for our customers, who told us that they wanted a product like this to be part of our core offering,” SAVEURVAPE CEO Lonnie Bozeman said. “We believe that by acquiring well-established and compliant brands, we better position SAVEURVAPE and our partners for success. We will continue to aggressively and strategically pursue acquisitions that support our mission of transitioning smokers to non-combustible products.”

Jazzy Boba will be available May 1, 2019 directly from SAVEURVAPE.