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Posted on by Kimberly Saldana

The marketing wiz behind SV is our trusty team player, Chandra Steele. She’s an amazing, graphic designer that happens to wear many hats at our company. Remember those trade shows from long ago? Well, if you’ve visited one of our booths and have fallen madly in love with the aesthetics, then give a big thanks to Chan. If any one of our shops needs a special marketing asset, our sales team can rely on her to create the best graphic tailored to their needs. She’s one of a kind and is an essential member here at SV. 

SV: Now that we’ve been working from home for more than two months, what’s something that’s been helping you stay productive?

Chan: Collaborating with the SAVEURVAPE team! We have been so lucky as a company to still be busy, the entire team motivates me and makes me stay productive. From the sales team, to shipping and the higher ups, they have all given us the tools and support we need. It makes me WANT to be productive and keep us thriving, especially when so many people have lost their jobs. My gratitude to still be working and with a team I love, keeps me productive.

SV: Any new hobbies you’ve picked up whilst in quarantine?

Chan: No new hobbies (although I kind of wanted to jump on the puzzle bandwagon) but I do try new recipes and get outside everyday, which is not new for me but finding new places to be active and exploring parts of my neighborhood actually became a part of my daily routine and unexpectedly a big stress reliever and break from negativity in the media. 

SV: What are you most excited to do once things open back up?

Chan: Travel! Even little trips. My family goes to Baja Mexico every two months and I can't wait to get back down there, eat fresh seafood, surf, fish, swim and make memories with my family and my favorite person.

SV: What do you miss about being at SV HQ during the week?

Chan: The. Family feeling. Our team is one of a kind. The jokes, the laughter, the music arguments, Din Tai Fung dumpling sharing and Farmers Market Tuesday's...I miss THE people, an office is an office...the people of the HQ are the only thing I miss. Oh and nobody pranks me at home, I 100% miss Jay's epic pranks. Last but not least...my smokin' hot work wife, Ariel. Miss you boo boo

SV: Lastly, what’s your favorite SV product you’ve tried & loved?

Chan: Our CBD products are amazing. I love our gummies, I've had the privilege of trying a ton of CBD products lately because we carry so may over at BODY100.co and our SVRF brand gummies really stand out, and of course CBD really helps with relaxation and anxiety when things get stressful, and we've all had a lot of stress and worries the last few months.

What did we tell ya? She’s great!

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