Warning: this product contains nicotine. Nicotine is an addictive Chemical.

Posted on by Kimberly Saldana

Before The Standard Vape & The Standard 100, there was The Standard OG.

However, not all of you might know the line up under that name, so here’s a refresher…

Heard of Cell Block Four, Frankenvape, Dead Mans Party, & Irie Nights?

Mmhmm is that an “ooooh yeah” we’re visualizing? 

Here are four FAQ’s (frequently asked questions) about these killer flavors. 

FAQ 1: When were these flavors released?

Since the inception of vaping! 


FAQ 2: What are the flavor profiles?

Cell Block Four: A heavenly taste of cream, vanilla & citrus creme brulee. So good you'll want to be sentenced for life.

Frankenvape: A cult classic. This unique blend of sweet yet tart kiwi magically mixed with fluffy marshmallow.  A monster blend you won't be able to forget.

Dead Mans Party: Remember the 80’s? We do! Ripe and tangy blueberries with hints of lemonade.

Irie Nights: A delectable blend of Jamaican Rum and brown sugar overtones that tickle your taste buds. 

FAQ 3: What makes them so special?

They are the first PREMIUM e-liquid flavors in the United States.

FAQ 4: Why is the e-liquid color different from other SV flavors?

These flavors are not your standard run of the mill profiles. The color ranges from light to caramel, they run a little darker because of the raw materials we use, we kept the original recipe exactly!  All of the best ingredients for the perfect dessert taste.

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