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Posted on by Kimberly Saldana

If you’ve been familiar with the vape industry over the years, then you probably know who we’re featuring this week. Here’s a hint: think pink

The Boss Lady, Camille Winans is sharing with us her #stayathome work life routine.

Q1: SV e-liquid flavor that gets you through the day.

A1: STIMULATING Iced! It’s chilled berries and lychee and sooooooo amazing! 

Q2: One thing you’ve learned while social distancing.

A2: I’ve honestly taken this time to learn more about myself. I think there is just so much fake news and fear out there right now. The path for me was to accept our circumstances and take the time to introspectively look at where I was in life vs where I wanted to be as a human, a mother, a woman, a friend, a leader.... you get the jist. So I learned a lot about the person I was forced to spend the most time with during Social Distancing and I am very grateful for the time that I had to do so.

Q3: Favorite late night munchie.

A3: I don't eat at night! I never really have... I practice intermittent fasting so I stop eating at 8 pm lol. But during the day my favorite snack is definitely avocado toast.

..... or chips and salsa... but that's basically it's own food group for me.

Q4: Something you miss about working at SV HQ.

A4: Honestly I have the BEST team! And I miss them so much... There's an insane group of personalities in our little SV Family and when reading Jay's Q&A it made me realize I just miss what each individual contributes to my day and my life. Thankfully we start the day with a Zoom meeting every single day and for me at least, I get to feel that sense of unity each morning before we all start working.

Q5: What gets you through the day while WFH?

A5: I'm not going to lie... coffee and nicotine are major players in getting me through the day. I start each day with a French Press coffee, meditation and yes nicotine. The rest of the day I get through with my Team.... I'm not sure they realize how much being their leader through this time has helped me. And last but not least, my CUSTOMERS! I have to say I have been doing this since 2013 and it's really nice to connect with people I have been doing business with in a very human and vulnerable way, not just a sales pitch or an after party.

Big thanks to Cam for leading the SV team during COVID-19.

Direct Number: 310-922-0587

Email: cam@saveurvape.com

Social: @itscamwinans


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