Warning: this product contains nicotine. Nicotine is an addictive Chemical.

Posted on by Kimberly Saldana

We are home to the stellar e-liquid brands, SVRF, MET4, The Standard Vape, The Originals and Jazzy Boba

SVRF has a selection of tropical fruit blends like coconut and cream and chilled berries & lychee. Choose from menthol (ICED) & salt nicotine versions of our five flavors; Balanced, Satisfying, Refreshing, Stimulating, and Revive.

MET4 is the magical dessert trio of your dreams. Jump into a delicious glass of chocolate milk with Golden Ticket or into a deep-fried cream cake like Fairgrounds.

Do you have a more eccentric palate? Or maybe prefer something a little more milky? Then you should try, Jazzy Boba, Dewwy Boba, and Manggo boba. These three will have you begging for more milk tea.

The Standard Vape is a crowd favorite. It’s the variety of sweets we all wish we could have a mouthful of, but don’t because --- cavities. Good news, The Standard Vape Red (Watermelon), Blue (Blue Raspberry), and White (Pineapple), all satisfy your sweet tooth cravings minus the painful cavities after a sugar overload.

Is your mouth-watering yet? We’ll save you from more turmoil. Save the image below for a full “menu” of what’s in store at SAVEURVAPE.

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