Warning: this product contains nicotine. Nicotine is an addictive Chemical.


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A complex liquid I actually like?

It smelled like perfume & I expected the worst tbh but I was pleasantly surprised. It's blue but is there a hint of cinnamon? The only issue might be the VG content for me. Being a throat hit junkie, nothing can fix the dampening effects of VG. It's better in that area than most VG liquids but it sadly won't be enough for me. :(

The Standard Vape - Dead Mans Party - 60ml

ESCO Bar Disposable (Choose Flavor)
Kendall Fillipi

ESCO Bar Disposable (Choose Flavor)

Classic SVRF Salt Nic Refreshing - 30ml


Blue 100 - Summer Melon Mix - 100ml

Great vape!

I love the original “Stimulating” and now ICED is taking it one step cooler!

Lollidrip E-Liquid - Watermelon
Virginia Klich

Excellent flavor

Perfect blend

Very mild menthol with great flavor

My favorite

This has become my favorite juice if all time !

Ryse Max Disposable V2 (Choose Flavor)
Jennifer Risser
Great flavor

My favorite is peach ice. Like the convenience of this disposable.

MET4 Golden Ticket - 60ml

Chocalatey Delicious!!

Very good

I have been getting the same vape juice(jamaken me crazy) from vape wild for several years and then they closed their shop. I found this one from save it vape and I love it. I bought 3 60 bottles to try and then bought 10 more. I hope to continue buying these for years. Thank you CE Despres

SVRF Satisfying - 60ml
Edwin Serrano

SVRF Satisfying - 60ml

Mild but refreshing flavor

Has a sweet mellow flavor with a little chill to it.

Ryse Disposable Single (Choose Flavor)
Great taste

I purchased a couple of flavors, I like them all. Rhey are very convenient and were a great price


I can't stop vaping this amazing juice❗
Have a tank set up for this juice only!
Other tanks get mixed with different juices.
A must try. You'll thank yourself you did.

Takes Me Back

Do you remember Hubba Bubba chewing gum as a kid? If you loved Hubba Bubba 🍇 grape, then you have found it again in this delicious vape juice. It's spot on❗
I purchased the grape and 🍉 watermelon flavor. The grape was perfect on first day. The Watermelon needed more depth. I steeped it for three weeks. Kept it in the box, put it in a drawer and forgot about it.
After three weeks, it had the depth I was looking for.
If you're adventures and enjoy mixing juices like do... Mix with
Rockt Punch Rainbow Riot Squad
Also try mixing with bobo Zazzy
It stands alone perfectly as well.
Highly recommend!

don't pass on this I'm glad I didn't

one of the better ADV ever IMO

Best Juice

Best juice ever made. It's my number one favorite salt. Great all day flavor. Wish I had a thousand bottles of this product.

SVRF Satisfying - 30ml Salt Nic

Best vape juice in the world

The svrf refreshing is the best vape juice in the world flavor never dies out stays nice and refreshing from beginning to end I've never had a better vape juice and the customer service is outstanding the woman that helps me solve all my problems and was very helpful

Stimulating review

I personally love the cool taste that gives and the flavor as well. Great job !

“Berry” delicious!

I was nervous about ordering this flavor because I don’t like menthol flavors at all, but this is one of the best Nic Salts I’ve purchased in the past 3 years of vaping. The menthol is very minimal, it almost reminds me of the SVRF “Satisfying” flavor. It’s barely noticeable after the first few draws on your vape. I will definitely order this again because it’s fantastic. I love the berry blend in this one, even though I don’t taste the lychee all that much. I highly recommend this to others, although if you like menthol flavors, you will probably not be satisfied with the minimal menthol in this one, and you should get the iced version of this. If you’re like me and don’t care for menthol flavors, don’t hesitate to try this one, because it’s barely noticeable in the menthol aspect, and the berry flavors are fantastic.


Vaping it as I speak,just like I remember.