Warning: this product contains nicotine. Nicotine is an addictive Chemical.


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Great delicious flavor. Smooth.

This is the best thing. The only juice I can use because I’m so picky!

Amazing flavor

I have vaped Saveurvape for a little while now but have only just started ordering online. The flavors are great with just enough ice to be cool but not overwhelming. I will definitely be ordering again soon.


great service, incredible ejuice

Great flavor and fast delivery

great flavor and fast delivery

My daily vape

Tasty and doesn't seem to foul coils as fast as some others. Every day, all day.

Great Price

I must first say that I am not a salt user so I cannot give this a negative or positive review. If I were a everyday salt user this would probably be just perfect but the flavor was nowhere where I expected it to be. I vape this liquid everyday all day in regular nic but sometimes the nic is not to my likings so I figured I would give salts a try and it was not for me. I will stick to my regular freebase nicotine , Thank You !

Great Product

I will start by saying that refreshing regular nic is my all day vape every day , so I thought I would try salt nic . Now I have never tried salt nic before and was a lil taken back when the flavor was not the same as the regular nic. If I was accustomed to vaping nic salts I would think that this would be perfect but it is not my thing so I will not give it a negative review when it was all my fault .
But thanx anyway SVRF I will stick with the regular freebase nic .

Great juice

I enjoyed it a lot

Loved it

Loved it

One of the best out there! (... the other one is Stimulating ;-)

I LOVE this stuff! Satisfying & Stimulating makes me a very happy girl. (...and they mix together nicely as well) I have tried and hated soo many other flavors, they are all way to sweet. Somehow, Saveurvape found the "sweet" spot, at least for me, that is NOT too sweet, yet is just sweet enough. Thank you soo very much to Saveurvape for getting me off the cancer sticks :blush:.

White is my favorite!!!

I love the white gummy flavor, I have been vaping it for about a year now and I just can't get enough of it! Nothing else even compares in my opinion!

Delicious and smooth.

Delicious and smooth.

Great customer service

If you like it sweet this is the flavor for you! Not only this is my favorite brand but they have an awesome customer service.

Love it

Great stuff. Will continue to purchase

Favorite vape out their

Really love the smoothness and flavors of this vape. The price is great too!

Peanut Butter Cream

My favorite flavor!

Best chocolate vape ever!

This is the chocolate flavor Nic Salt I’ve been searching for! Absolutely delicious, smooth, and choco-tastic! I wish they had the 24mg, but the 48mg is not harsh. This has also been good on my coils. I love it!


This is one of the best Nic Salts I’ve vaped so far. I’m so glad I tried it. Every SVRF Nic Salt flavor I’ve tried so far, which is 4, have been fantastic and I would purchase them all again. In the approximately 2 years since I quit smoking cigarettes and switched to vaping, there’s very few Nic Salts that I can say that about. This company makes top quality eliquids. Very flavorful and very smooth, yum!

The coolest ejuice

I was amazed when I first vaped Stimulating. The fresh berries and lychee make a wonderful crisp, slightly sweet flavor combination which has a comfortable throat hit. This juice's deliciously unique flavor is accented by a cooling affect most noticeable at the end of inhalation. It's my new ADV. SaveurVape only produces the highest quality ejuice with no aftertaste. Also, the customer service is the best that I know of and the shipping was quicker than I expected. I'm seriously considering buying all my ejuice from SaveurVape.

Dead man's party

Great juice. Good flavor and not harsh on the coil. Will definitely buy two bottles at a time on this one in the future.

Met4 Golden Ticket

Love the smooth creamy chocolate flavor. It's my favorite.

Jazzy Boba

Good service. Very responsive.

New favorite ADV

My local shop doesn't carry anything with just coconut as the sole fruit profile. I'm a huge coconut cream pie and German chocolate cake fan, and this exceeded my expectations! I've been carnivore for 1 year, so this kind of dessert spectrum delight is imperative to keeping me on course in thriving in my dietary lifestyle.


Possibly the best juices ever created.